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Mobile commerce also known as M-commerce is now becoming hugely popular and is also having some really positive impacts on some businesses. It has been able to transform the way people connect with businesses online.

The phrase was originally devised in 1997 and generally means the delivery of electronic capabilities through wireless technology directly into the consumer’s handheld device anywhere they may be at any time. In January 2013 alone, 29% of mobile users made a purchase using their phones and the percentage of people buying or transacting through phones is only going to increase.

‘In the past 10 years, mobile phones have changed the way we communicate and live. In the next 10 years, they will change the way we do business. The mobile media and commerce markets offer long-term opportunities for forward planning’ Source: ‘2010 Mobile Trends’ Forrester Research January 2010.

Mobile commerce is no new technology, it is just that we have to design and develop the website in a way that it is absolutely mobile friendly or can give the most pleasant, secured and pleasurable shopping/ browsing experience to the users.

The consumers will definitely have more confidence whilst buying the products if the products were more easy to find, shop and if the website has ore secured payment options. We at Technofreaks specialize in design and development of Mobile friendly websites. We produce very powerful, intuitive, and great to navigate through websites. Shopping using handsets become pleasurable and enhance conversions.

We believe the key to having a successful M-commerce website is to have an uncluttered page, which is efficiently laid out and to have top speed. Streamline your sites content and hold back a little on the un-necessary details, as in a long description for a product, which you have a clear image of. Give your customers an exceptionally fast and reliable experience to secure their future custom, and friend’s custom.

The whole ‘Convenience’ factor plays a huge part in the rise of mobile commerce this year and which is why most businesses and marketers are generating the mobile apps or are developing Mobile friendly websites, because they can see the revenue that will potentially be generated.

Technofreaks will always make sure the M-commerce site is site up to highest standards and perfectly developed and suited to your business’s needs, goals and requirements, in order for you to have a successful business online.

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